Felix was kind enough to use English sized pip pins.  They are 1/4" X 2".  He then has the end of the handle machined smaller.  I purchased spare pip pins from Reid Tool Supply. When I tried to machine the handle to the same size at the original, the pin failed.  I had to keep them 1/8 larger.  This meant that I had to increase the size of the hole in the down tube by 1/8" (only the part that the handle fits). 

I found a supplier for 14mm tubing used for the weak links in the down tubes, Molone Specialty Inc.  They have both Steel and Stainless steel tubing that is 14mm with a 2mm wall thickness.  I purchased 6 meters of the steel tubing for $42 ($7 per meter).  The stainless steel tubing was $40 per meter with a 6 meter minimum.  The inserts are 145mm long.  The actual size of the tubing is 13.89mm.  My down tubes have the 14mm hole.  Felix said some of the down tubes have a 13.9mm hole.  He said to ream the hole to 14mm if the link is too tight.  It's a lot cheaper than turning down the link in a lathe.  My links cost me about $1.50 each when I include tax and shipping.  Felix said it did not matter if they were steel or stainless steel.