Spoiler rope

I believe that AIR changes the spoiler rope on the gliders that come through their shop every two years.  I decided to change mine after three years and about 160 hours of flying.  The spoiler rope is attached to the end of the cable that runs from the control frame.  It is not just perlon, but a special non stretching material.  I would guess some type of outer material with a spectra core.  If you change this rope, make sure the product you use will not stretch under load or you will not get full spoiler deflection.  The rope used is 3mm in diameter.

Below is a picture of what a good spoiler rope looks like.
It is magnified 10 times.

Here is a picture of a part of the rope that was riding over the pulley at the trailing edge of the #6 rib (the pulley was turning freely).

If you look closely where the red arrows are pointing you can see that many of the strands are broken.